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I cannot change the config in my Minefactory Reloaded machines on my server.

The Infamous Alk

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I do not know what I did, but for some reason I cannot change the output and input slots on the config tab of my MFR machines. I run my own server. It is unmodified Tekkit (New Tekkit) and I did not do anything to the config or anything that would be an obvious cause. When I place a machine, I go to the config tab and the config tab has the default configuration input and output. I click a slot, and it changes to closed (no colored slot, just the grey background) and if I click it again, it stays closed. Nothing changes. So I am able to close them and they function before I close them, but I cannot open them again unless I break and re-place the machine. Any idea what is causing this or what I could do to fix it? And yes, I have done a server restart.

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I am far from very knowledgeable but it seems like you are not doing anything that should cause that problem. I am not aware of such a bug in any of the recent versions either.

Does it happen in a new world?

A stab in the dark would be corrupted mod data. I would re-download new tekkit and try it in a new world.

My apologies if one of the really techy people answers your problem and I am not even close. Thought I'd give my two cents since there was no replies yet.

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