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Lost world


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Hi, this is my first post to this forum, but I have been enjoying the Tekkit mod pack for a while.

I was playing tekkit last night and then the power went out, I went back on and my world missing from the list of worlds. I looked at my tekkit/saves folder and the files still seem to be there. How can I play my world again?

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Well my house has a safety switch so if one circuit in the house is not working it will turn off everything in the house. My world has these files: chickenchunks, cofh, data, DIM1, DIM-1, DimensionalDoors, EnderStorage, NEI, players, quantum and region. Ant the other notepad ones are: DimensionalDoorsData, DimensionalDoorsDataOLD, forcedchunks.dat, level.dat, level.dat_mcr, Level.dat_old, ModFlags.dat, NEI.dat and session.lock. And in my saves file I have these ones: another world, NEI, another world, the unable to play world and NEI.dat

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