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A Question about Tekkit Standard vs Big Dig


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I am new to Minecraft modding, and have recently downloaded the Technic launcher. I've enjoyed messing around with dimensional doors and Galacticraft, but haven't really gotten into anything else as of yet (though I would like to). My question, however, pertains to the Big Dig modpack.

It seems as though this mod is simply standard Tekkit with many additional mods; is this the case? Do I lose access to any mods playable from the standard Tekkit launch by choosing Big Dig instead? I understand that I lose access to maps created in Tekkit due to the different item IDs; I simply want to know if Big Dig is anything but an upgrade to Tekkit.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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In addition to the expanded mod base, ores are also much more common - namely, veins of any ore can spawn at almost any height in the world, spawn in much larger veins, and more overall veins spawn. It's not uncommon to find diamonds on surface-exposed stone or on the higher levels of caves, for example. Such is where the mod pack gets its namesake.

Also, don't sign your posts.

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