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[2.0.4] Skyreach War [PvP/Raid/Grief][20 Slots] War server

Chad Waters

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Welcome to Skyreach Voltz 24/7

This server is all about PvP and Raiding, we run Mcpc with several great plugins and have a friendly staff to answer any questions. There is no land protection so please read the information at spawn before starting your home.

We now have an Admin shop and a running Economy, if you don't like to mine simply earn money by killing Mobs!


New: You can now sell glass at spawn (or with /sell) to earn money faster!


IP: play.skyreachmc.com:25568


TeamSpeak: Skyreach.typefrag.com:8015

Pass: skyreach


Spawn Buildings:

Admin Shop, (Sells all ingame ore and many more goodies!)

Cow farm, (Unlimited Steak!)

Sheep farm, (Unlimited Wool!)

Ingame rank listing

Potion Shop

War Declarations

Player bounties


World Size:

15k Radius from Spawn

(30k Blocks across)

I set the World border to help increase PvP and keep players within a confined area.


Server Info:

This is not a shared host, I host this myself on a dedicated Quadcore Machine.

I also run a Tekkit server that is Towny based if your not into Raiding and PvP.

Quadcore Amd Processor

24GB Ram

Dedicated machine



No Griefing spawn

No Hacking!

No X-Raying!

No Spawn Killing!

No Impersonation of any staff member or staff of a minecraft community website.

No Command or Message spamming!

No Advertising!




Server Address:

IP: play.skyreachmc.com:25568



Auto Restart





Item Restrict

World Border


Chest Shop (Admin shop only)

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