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logining in to a sever


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Sometimes I get this from my own server from time to time and to fix it I have to close not only Tekkit but the Technic Launcher as well. I believe the issue stems from the Launcher's new ability to just hide itself instead of closing. I believe it's basically a session timeout for your credentials to minecraft.net.

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It is indead a launcher thing, once you start the Technic Launcher it will login on the minecraft login server to get itself a Session Token that it then passes to any mincraft instances it launches. This means if the token is no longer valid you will always get a "bad login" error until you restart the whole launcher.

Tokens get invalid due to inactivity (session timeout) or a new token gets created for that account (starting antoher launcher, loging in at minecraft.net, starting another mc launcher and so on).

Ofcourse, if the Minecraft Session Server is down the same will happen.

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