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Small Hexxit Survival Server 60 players.


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The Server is Now open! Come play:)

Server IP: :666

Server Rules:

- No bullying - slander and sledging is allowed though

- No advertising

- No harrassing staff about server employment

- No using cheat clients or texturepacks

- No threatening of players in an out of game context

- Swearing is allowed, keep it at a minimum though

Up time:

The server will be 24/7 unless an unforseen problem occurs

There are no disabled items as of yet

Server Description:

The server meant for hardcore survival mode hexxit gameplay. Communication and creating a cool new world is the goal. Anyone who destroys what others have created will be banned.

Server Community:

Currently we have no community because the server has not been released to the public yet. When it is released we aim to have a more mature playerbase, 13+ would be fine.

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1) What version of Hexxit are you running?

2) Did you read the posting guidelines before you came up with your thread title?

3) Why would you follow all the posting guidelines for the inside of the thread and not the title? That's just asking to get your thread deleted.

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