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Taking in new Designs


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Since the only thing that really makes me want to play Minecraft/Technic is designing things, I need designs. I have built many, most of which of failed, but I have ran out of designs.

I will like for you to post pictures of designs of;

A) Buildings (such as bunkers, hangars, houses, etc.)

B) Tanks

C) Aircraft (Not helicopters)

Basically military like things.

I will experiment with the design, and see if I can change it to another design and expand my knowledge of designs.

It is greatly appreciated for the designs.

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Nah, RiM is a cinch to learn. Takes less than half an hour to figure most of it out, Lua might take a little though, or you can just steer things manually.

i also need a server that i can use creative on and build, because otherwise i get bored without human interaction

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