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Tekkit Multiplayer SkyBlockz

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I know the title is wrong, I'm working on a new logo now, It'll be changed soon.

I created a tekkit multiplayer skyblock-like map. I can't post any pictures now, but i will have some up soon. The official thread can be found here:


However, if you don't want to visit the forums, I've Included the download link here:


The map is currently in alpha stage, although i have huge plans for the first beta version of it. Also, the chances of getting a reply are a lot greater if you post on the Minecraft forums, and not the Technic forums.

Hope you enjoy my map,


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Don't sign posts, mate. I'll check this out as my girl and I play sky lock in Tekkit.

However, if you're putting together a map for Tekkit, 1. Put this in the map forum and 2. Expect to receive most of your replies here. I can only speak for myself but I avoid the MCF like herpes.


Oops, missed the adfly link before. Hmmm, maybe the mods are feeling generous today and won't ban you...who knows.

I don't know why you'd post a map from Technic 6 and claim it to be a Skyblockz (sic) map. Also, starting inventory may need work unless I'm supposed to build diamond and dark matter bridges somewhere.

[img width=800]

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