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[3.1.2] ♛Redstone Gaming♛ |PvP|Factions|Grief Prevention| ♛PvP Fun With NO Grief!♛


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Thats right, the outright best, newest server has come in the form of Redstone Gaming!


Lets cut to it: What does Redstone Gaming have to offer YOU?

Implementation of the Factions plugin

Chill, laid back staff and community

Freedom to do whatever you want

EXCEPT dupe or hack

We are not pay to win, a nice feature

A committed, experienced Owner

Diverse economy to play a role in

Banned items limited only to exploits/dupes


Our community has been around since June of 2013, that is nearly a year! This time, we are back and better than ever - bringing you an all out PvP Tekkit Classic server that aims to please like no server ever has before! On our server, you will see all the features listed above, as well as many more! On Redstone Gaming, you are allowed to PvP freely, without the fear of being griefed. The name of the game here is maximum fun, no downsides. There is no doubt that Redstone Gaming will keep you interested for weeks and months to come, with new content and implementations of new ideas all the time! So what are you waiting for? Come on down and experience what Redstone Gaming has to offer!


Quickly: Our Hardware

We are hosted on a Dedicated Server

Our CPU clocks in at 3.4 ghz

We have 4GB of DDR3 RAM (Dedicated, not shared)

We are saved on a SSD

We have unmetered, unlimited bandwith

We have No Lag Whatsoever!

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Quick Review:

+Using tekkitrestrict

-People can gamemode hack (NEI not patched, guessing other exploits aren't patched either)

-Using both the buycraft and enjin plugins (Enjin much more flexibility and options, so get rid of buycraft)

-Using both the coloredsigns and essentials plugins (Essentials allows sign colors, so get rid of the coloredsigns plugin)

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