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Tekkit, where you originally posted this, is a modpack composed of forge and forge mods. You do not code a mod for tekkit, you code a forge mod and add it to the pack.

Frankly I didn't know modloader still continued development. After forge added forge mod loader everything went pure forge.

If you want tutorials you'll have to check with them.

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No, you placed it in the section for the Tekkit modpack and that was the wrong spot. This section, Mod Makers Market, is for modding concerns and is not a guarantee of anything.

As I said, if you're looking for help creating a modloader-based mod then your best bet is to check with the modloader guys.

If you were using forge as a base I could point you towards the relevant tutorials, but you've made it clear you don't want that.

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Personally, I almost wouldn't even suggest beginner modders fool with a mod loader of any sort.  


Minecraft is a complex beast.  It's going to take you some time to learn your way through its code.  The best way to do that, if you ask me, is to use straight-up MCP and just go in there and start changing things.  You can do anything you want, like changing the size of creeper explosions, make mobs act stupid, make yourself stronger, change block and item properties, etc.  You can come into it with even just a beginner's Java knowledge, have fun, and learn in the process.  You can still compile this out into a JAR mod if you really want, as well.


Forge is just added complexity.  You have to learn the tools, you have to learn the API, you have to learn the directory structures, etc.  That's hard if you don't even know how the game works yet.  Harder still if you're a beginner to things like Eclipse as well.  And worse, Forge for Minecraft 1.7 will lock you out of Minecraft's code.  One dev environment type won't let you see Minecraft's code at all.  The other will at least let you see it, but won't let you change it.  This can make it harder to learn Minecraft's guts and/or debug certain behaviors.  I can't quite bring myself to suggest people get into modding by starting with 1.7 + Forge.  1.6.4 + Forge is fine though.


This is just my two cents of course, but I remember living in the land of confusion once, and this is the advice I'd give myself, looking back.

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