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[3.1.2]RastaEmpire Tekkit![PvP][194 slots][Factions!][Duping Is Allowed]-Lets get Technic!.


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Our Spawn!


Our Player Mall!


An Approved Hv solar Factory!


Me and Nez and Justice!<-- They are Very respected staff :) contact them if you need any help


One Of the player houses in plotworld!


About RastaEmpire:

A Europe Tekkit Classic server running since 2014. We are running a fully dedicated server, a 12 core CPU and lots of RAM. The server is optimized to make a full use of all the 12 cores, this means we run 20 ticks at most of the time.

The server is running a great up-time because we have crash detectors who restart the server instantly after a crash.


No MapResets

No Lag, we run 20 ticks.

Great Staff, we choose the best players for our staff!


Griefing allowed.

Raiding Allowed.

Creative Plot World

Mini Games!

We are 24/7

And More Please Join Us and have fun!


Website: http://rastaempire.enjin.com/home

We run on creeperhosts stable servers!

We do almost always have staff on

Banned Items :

We try not to ban items but we have to. Some items can destroy the world and make the server lag.

  • DM pedestal
  • Tank cart
  • World Anchors
  • Other by that we got no banned items! :D

Server IP: tekkit.rastaempire.co.vu

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A few notes:

"Aproved Hv solar" should be "Approved HV Solar". You're missing a P and some capitalization.

"werry respected staff" should be "Very respected staff". You misspelled very.


Is duping allowed?

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