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chicken farm problems [hopper wues] [solved]


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ok so im attempting an auto chicken farm design


x: egg dispenser

o :chickens

h: hoppers

i : Logistics pipes

n :fire ball dispensers

[ix ]

[i oooon ]

[i hhhh ]

[i i i i i i ]

problem 1:

ok so i had the design above running, problem is, the hoppers will not output to the pipes, i ahve also tried changing the pipes to standing buildcraft pipes to the same problem, double checked that the hoppers were "connected" to the pipes, but they still just hold the items like they have no where to send the items, the logistics ppes are powered and connected to a receiving me interface, the pipes arent the issue since neither logistics pipes nor buildcraft pipes seem to work with hoppers, and the egg dispenser is working just fine

do note that there are no forms of redstone interfering (no redstone in the building period other than the computer connected to the dispenser, but thats at least 8 blocks from where im working

if i put a hopper on top of a hopper and throw something into it, it goes to the bottom hopper without any problem but the bottom hopper will not output to the pipes, but ive got no way of getting the items out of the hoppers into the network, or do i need to replace the pipes with me interfaces....

problem 2

same design as before but item collectors instead of hoppers. new chicks kept falling through the item collectors. (according to google its a known problem that new chickens fall through non solid blocks, but could find no solution)

I walk into my extensive basement, next thing i know...."BUCK BUCK BUCK" vroooom!..."Buck Buck" vroooom! and im like ohh nooooo! my basement is swarming with my new chickens :( (no really there were like 50 chickens in my basement LOL)

problem 3

same design but with water above the collectors, 6 chickens, 2 hours later no change in numbers, i look up chicken on the wiki and found that as of 1.4.2, new chickens drown in water (something i wasnt aware of)

so now im at a loss,

do new chickens also fall through hoppers?

any ideas?

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You can't connect pipes directly to a hopper, since the pipes doesn't have an "inventory". You need to connect the hopper to a storage first (a chest for example), then connect the chest with log pipes chassis or an import bus. If you are running an ME network, you can also directly connect the hopper to an ME interface.

If you need for a method for automatically collecting eggs from your farm and directly into your ME network, you could always used ME transition pane for your farm's floor.

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