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[1.6.4] ∞Pixélmon Forever∞ Brand New|24/7|Player Shops|Grief Prevention|Join Today!

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∞Pixélmon Forever∞


∞Website: redstonegaming.enjin.com∞

This Pixelmon Version Will Work!: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/pixelmon-drg (Copy and Paste into New Modpack!)

'Pixélmon Forever' is brought to you by the Redstone Gaming Community!

So, you are looking for a great Pixélmon server to play on, huh? Well look no further, Redstone Gaming is bringing you another fantastic server to play on! As usual, our server is run off of a dedicated host, guaranteeing absolutely no lag and insanely fast chunk loading times. Our goal as usual is to please each and everyone of our users with the best experience we can give them.

Pixélmon Forever is a no-grief, laid back community of 'Pixélmoners' who wish to play together in harmony, not at odds with each other! Some of our anti grief plugins include:

  • Grief Prevention

  • Anti Grief

  • NoGrief

These plugins will ensure that everyone of our players is able to grow about without worrying about losing their progress! Although we do not allow griefing or raiding, battles amongst players is strongly advocated for as it adds to the overall experience! Battles may take place in the wild, in arenas, and even during tournaments for fantastic prizes!

We are a new server, and we are developing great content for our players. A little bit of what we have in store for you guys includes:

  • Gym Battles

  • Rank System

  • Tournaments

  • Team Based Play

  • Building Events

  • and SO Much More!

So what are you waiting for, come down to Pixélmon Forever - and have yourself a grand old time. We are always looking for new staff, new players, and new community members. So remember to visit our website redstonegaming.enjin.com and register to be up to date on all of the latest news about our servers. We hope to see you on and remember to have fun!


1: No griefing, stealing, or raiding.

2: Respect staff at all times.

3: Respect other players at all times.

4: Live in harmony with your fellow players.

5: No use of hacks, exploits, or x-ray allowed.

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I don't think you get what I'm asking because when I look at modpacks lists and do a search for "pixelmon forever" pack I get a bunch of different packs.

You didn't list what custom technic pack that I need to download so I can play your server.

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Please add a link to your platform page, even if you want to leave the direct Add a Modpack link up. Also, please state what version of MC you're running in the title, not the Pixelmon version - it just confuses people. Finally, please add some rules, if any (otherwise just say none) to your post.

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