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I don't really know who to go to but there are 2 people I know off that are going around tekkit servers and griefing them, they are, rory800 and Lennard2314. I have had many run in's with rory, 4 and counting, and only 2 with lennard... I was hoping that there would be something that could be done about them? rory800 more than the other guy.

Sorry if this is a time waste.

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This kind of thread is generally not allowed on many gaming forums. Why? Well... how do we know you're not the greifer attempting to sully the reputation of two people who haven't done anything wrong? Basically, you're a perfect stranger, accusing two people no one here knows and who are not here to defend themselves of being griefers. So posts like this are not only unreliable ways of keeping track of thsi kind of thing, they are damaging to the community because some people will take it seriously and the individuals you mentioned, if innocent, stand to be mistreated.

It's basically a witch hunt, where people accuse those they don't like of a crime and everyone, hungry for an excuse to lynch someone, descends upon them mercilessly.

So, without a good way to vindicate your accusations, it's actually a bad idea to make them.

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