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1.0.6 update by clienthax dosnt work for factions


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just FYI,


I tested the update serveral times on our factions setup.

which is the latest build for 1.6.4 and then also CB 1.6.4 R2 tried serveral faction versions for 1.6.4

the flans mod still bypasses protections and blows stuff up.


not sure about titans bypasses build protections. haven't tested that one.


Also, The Fuel loader for galticcraft is buggy. ifyou attempt to load your spaceship with a charged fuel loader

it crashes server, and corrupts the chunk. the only way to fix is to remove chunk or load a backup of world.


plus flans guns destroy glowstone and simple glass.


atleast using the factions plugin anway.


As anyone had success with the greifprevention or towny? I couldn't get Greifprevention to run for me. it just kept freezing the server. I tried 3 different versions and gave up. Is there a version that should work with this mod?


Another quick note: in the configs, be sure NOT to turn on the ALLOW TROPICO FAUNA in OVERWORLD.

leave it false. I found out the hard way. once the tropico items start spawning in underground caves. it compley corrupts the chunk.THe world is fine, until someone mines near a fauna or something from tropico on overworld in cave. it crashes server.

happened to me everytime, we had to replace the entire overworld since they were in a lot of chunks in caves.

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Put your spawn in a seperate world and use WG blacklist to protect it from griefers. For example the RPG interaction can be banned, but it gives you the you can't use this and still fires it anyways. Set the blacklist to deny,tell,kick and it won't fire. Honestly just a kick would suffice. I figure if someone is trying to fire an RPG in a protected spawn then a kick is the least that they deserve.

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