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  1. I took 10 minutes of my time and packed up a server with your common run of the mill plugins most ALL servers use, and some JVM arguments in the Windows start script to help with the permGen crashes that plague a lot of these large modpacks. It's also packed with MCPC+ (I can't remember exact version because I always rename my jars) but it should fire right up no problem. For Linux use LaunchServer.sh and for Windows use LaunchServer.bat. You can get the server files *DELETED, NO ADFLY*
  2. Client side crash when trying to open a chest at my base. May be an item in the chest causing it but it worked fine at one point now everytime I try and open it.....http://pastebin.com/d8QKqVLN EDIT: This actually seems to be a general GUI drawing issue. Got into ME system fine but trying to open a wooden chest or my inventory causes a client side crash. EDIT-2: It's an item I'm holding in my inventory causing the crash. I crash everytime I open a chest or press E to view inventory.
  3. Placed a piece of the GC Aluminum wire and me and 1 other guy got kicked with internal server error and the console was being spammed with this: http://pastebin.com/Paukrtwz
  4. Good call!! I had no clue and sure enough, after the restart the regions were gone. Using WG blacklist now.