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  1. I took 10 minutes of my time and packed up a server with your common run of the mill plugins most ALL servers use, and some JVM arguments in the Windows start script to help with the permGen crashes that plague a lot of these large modpacks. It's also packed with MCPC+ (I can't remember exact version because I always rename my jars) but it should fire right up no problem. For Linux use LaunchServer.sh and for Windows use LaunchServer.bat. You can get the server files *DELETED, NO ADFLY*
  2. It's back up!! Had an SSD fail on the old hardware. Everything is moved to the new dedicated box and back online. Update the pack and the new IP is updated inside of the pack.
  3. Updated to 1.1.1 Official server is updated as well. REMOVED - Simply Jetpacks - Modular Powersuits/Powersuit Add-Ons - Backtools - RailCraft - DeathCounter ADDED - RandomThings v1.9 - Bacon Mod v3.5 - Gendustry v1.1.3 - Dragons Radio Mod UPDATED - Advanced Genetics to 1.4.3
  4. Yea it's 100% random. Basically it checks for lava/suffocation and things that will kill you and if nothing says this will kill instantly then it will put you there. You would be surprised at the scarcity of a good random TP plugin. None of them are COMPLETELY perfect but I felt the one I went with was the best option.
  5. Presents: Do some of your favorite packs include Voltz, Tekkit, or Attack of the B-Team? Then we have the modpack for you!! Modpack Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/thefatpack.433818 MODS (The important ones anyways) • Railcraft • Advanced Genetics • Applied Energistics • BiblioCraft • Big Reactors • Biome-O-Plenty • Blood Magic • BuildCraft • Carpenters Blocks • Chisel • COFH • ComeCloser • Computer Craft • Deadly World • EnderStorage • EnderTanks • Hardcore Ender Expansion • Factorization • Flans Mod (3D Guns) • Forbidden Magic • Forestry • Galacticraft • Gravestone • Hats • ICBM • Inventory Tweaks • Iron Chest • MadScience • MagicBees • Mekkanism • Minechem • Minefactory Reloaded • MobAmputation • MFFS • Modular Powersuits • Morpheus • Natura • NEI • OpenBlocks • Project Red • Reliquarry • Resonant Engine (Atomic Science) • Roguelike • Simply Jetpacks • Stackie • Statues • Tinkers Construct • Technomancy • Thaumcraft • ThermalExpansion • TreCapitator • Twilight Forest • Universal Electricity • Waila • Witchery • Zan's Minimap Plugins (The important ones anyways) Essentials • GlobalMarket • RegionForSale • Factions • RandomLocation • MCmmo (coming soon) There is a dedicated server within the pack that runs 24/7 and encounters very little if any lag at all. As with any new server we are always looking for knowledgeable, mature people to help staff the server. Even more than that though we are looking for players to make it a real PvP/Grief/Raid server! We strive to ban only the neccesary items and those items include: • Quantum Assembler (OP) • BC Quarry (Chunk Loads) • Red-Matter, Rejuvination, and Contagious Bombs (OP) • Digital Miner (Dupe) • MFR Auto-Spawner (OP) We will be with the pack for as long as the coding wizards keep giving us these awesome mods to put in them. We are always looking for suggestions for additions and even some subtractions to the pack to make it even better than it already is. The pack runs roughly 160+ mods in the pack so the initial instal will take a bit, and it may even take a bit to fire up depending on the PC you paly on. If you see (not responding) at the top of your screen don't freak out, it will launch eventually, usually within 2-3 minutes. Now get to downloading and come get a piece of the action!!
  6. You either have a non-paid for account and you are trying to join a server that verifies accounts, or you just need to completely close your launcher and restart. You always want to close you launcher completely whenever changing packs or accounts because there's a bit of a bug with the launcher sending credentials to Mojangs verification servers properly.
  7. Make sure you are using the public link from dropbox and you have allowed public access within dropbox.
  8. I honestly can't be the only one having this issue! I have tried multiple devices on 3 different connections and all get the same result.
  9. I'm not sure if there's a database or part of the webserver down somewhere but I can't get to the right page to edit my pack. I can get to the page that everyone else can see, but when I hit the edit button I get a 504 error. I have tried to wait (2 days now) and I have jumped to Google's DNS servers and still same thing everytime. If this is being worked on or is known about that's fine, just wondering if you guys are aware of it. I have noticed others have updated their packs so I'm not completely sure what's up. ~Thanks
  10. I miss the days of grabbing an MCPC+ jar and dropping it in. Serious gray area on what Cauldron file you use per game version seems like. I tried the .jar labeled server and got a whole bunch of scala/lib reports on startup. Eventually through epic trial and error I got the one that would actually start the server.
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