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Can I manually install IC2 and RP in the new Tekkit?


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They have been left out as they were not being reliably updated so they got switched with other mods providing similar functionality.

The only thing that has been removed completely is frames, but adding redstone in motion (mod) would provide that too.

There are builds of IC2 that may work in 1.5.2 or 1.6.4 but honestly, I came from tekkit classic and the change bummed me a bit at first, but now I definitely prefer the new tekkit :|

Applied energetics is just amazing, Thermal expansion and MFR machines are super useful (albeit a bit slower, but who cares, just make 10 of them with the molecular assembler)..

I suggest you try using the new mods before shooting them down.

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The IC2 Experimental builds work fine in 1.6.4. However, all the advanced stuff has changed significantly, and for the better in my opinion. Liquid UU? Nice.


Project Red works well and gives you the functionality of RP2 except for movable frames. It is a marvelous addition to almost any modpack. The simple logic blocks and wire is a nice step on the road to using MFR PRCs.

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