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The OpenBlocks Cartographer and Height Map Projector look like they could be really cool, but after my Cartographer has finished scanned the area (I assume that's what the full green squares along the outside mean), I put the Map into the projector but it seems to be missing most of the blocks and only show the top layers, I'm probably doing something wrong but it's nice to know what's going on :P


Image: Tf7zQSZ.png

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I can't get mine to show any thing.
(I'm on version 1.0.8 of attack of the b-team.)


I've made the cartographer, put the map in, moved around a bit with it until it has a full green square, then I put the map in the projector... nothing comes up.


EDIT: This morning I've managed to get a red square displayed in the internal view of the map projector.

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I think this broke on 1.0.8, it hasn't worked for me since before then but I'm not sure exactly which version (1.0.7 or 1.0.8).


Edit: If you have a picture of it not working, can you post it up on the tracker, please?  You can use imgur.com to host your screenshots and grab the BBCode link it gives you to paste in there.

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