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  1. Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.8.0 Version 1.8.0 of the Mod Pack is here: The Taint is Ever Growing - Added Tainted Magic - Huge Update to Abyssalcraft - Updated to ArsMagica2 (yeah that's right) - Updated Automagy - Updated Botania - Updated CustomNPCs - Updated Draconic Evolution - Updated Forbidden Magic - Updated ItemBlacklist - Updated Maliscore - Updated Malisdoors - Updated OpenBlocks - Updated OpenMods - Updated Roguelike Dungeons - Updated Ruins - Updated some dependency mods - Updated Configs Prior Update TImeline
  2. AEtereal Drive has been updated to version 1.3.0 RESEARCH REPORT - URGENT A strange new reaction has occurred. It appears that yet another change is within our midst. The AEtereal disturbance has reacted rather unexpectedly and has created this type of energy known as "Aura." Our scientists have determined that this "Aura" can be manipulated to create a new form of energy. However, it seems that this Aura can never be fully optimized. Along with the newly discovered "Aura" it appears entire new species of monster have surfaced. A number of our exploration teams have set out to discover what exactly happened....however none have returned. Who knows what trouble awaits us in the future. - Updated JourneyMap - Updated OpenSecurity - Updated LogisticPipes - Updated AgriCraft - Updated YAMPST - Added Baubles - Added Aura Cascade - Added Grimoire of Gaia 3 TECHNIC INSTALL LINK: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/aetereal-drive TECHNIC MODPACK PAGE: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/aetereal-drive.798184 CURSE MODPACK PAGE: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/aetereal-drive
  3. I can't seem to embed my video on my modpack description page. I know it is possible though because I see a number of modpack pages that have an embedded video. Anyone know what the correct format to embed the video is? I tried the standard iFrame embed code that YouTube generates but it appears that the html is not parsed when the post is made. I also tried using the "Ask Us" feature on the main page only to be greeting with "There was an error processing your request." Reminder: I am not talking about embedding on the forums, I know how to do that. I am talking about embedding on the actual modpack page.
  4. AEtereal Drive has been updated to version 1.2.0 - Please Like the Pack as it is a Great Help! - Added More Quests! - Added Mine Chem - Added Gravestone Mod - Added COFH Lib - Updated MovingWorld - Updated Archimedes Ships Plus - Updated Logistic Pipes - Updated NEI Intergration - Updated HarderUndergroun - Updated HarderWildLife - Updated HardLib - Updated Thermal Foundations - Updated Thermal Expansion
  5. AEtereal Drive has been updated to version 1.1.1 - Updated OpenComputers - Updated OpenModsLib - Updated OpenModularTurrets - Updated OpenPeripherialAddons - Updated OpenPeripherialIntergration - Updated OpenPeripherials - Updated COFH Core - Updated LogisticPipes - Updated Et Futurum - Updated Forestry
  6. Server Update to 1.7.1 - CURRENT - Celestial Craft Update - See HERE for Celestial Craft Changelog - Updated some configurations. 1.7.0 Update: - Updated Botania - Updated Forestry - Added Thaumic Horizon - Updated Forge
  7. This is still my number 1 go to tool. I am glad to see that you are a releasing a new version all together. I look forward to it.
  8. Gearworks Guild Update The pack has been updated to version 1.1.0 - This update fixes some quests as well as adds in some more. The central point of this update was to implement the Gearworks Guild Faction. This is a faction that you can raise reputation with and utilize them to gain rewards. As such there were not many "mod" updates with the exception of Security Craft. This update also fixes the menu screen images. However the even bigger update is thanks to those of you who downloaded and played this pack via the Technic Launcher and the Curse Launcher. Due to the popularity of the pack we have decided to migrate the pack over to our Solder servers. So AEtereal Drive is now hosted on our Solder server. This means faster download times for you all as well as other beneficial perks such as quicker update times. As originally mentioned we did not have an intention to put this pack onto our Solder servers, but the community decided otherwise. Enjoy the pack!
  9. Pack is updated to version 1.0.4 which updates a few mods and adds in EnhancedInventories and AgriCraft. So now you can take advantage of crops and seed mutations. I created a modlist located here: http://minecraft.nerdstormproduction.com/aetereal/ This will likely be updated every release even after the Solder import as Curse auto-generates a list for you.
  10. I appreciate all of the feedback. Yes AcademyCraft is in there to help enhance you however it is coupled with Advanced Genetics. With relation to the Menu Screen, yes that is a limitation of the mod itself. There is a set resolution and no matter how much you compress it and resize it, it always will come out that way. However, those options are open for improvement later on. The lag on startup is likely related to HarderUnderground producing its ores. I noticed it also and then after letting it generate for a while it was flawless. I'd imagine it has to do with that, however I left the config for that as default so that the user could tweak it to their liking. And lastly, nope, no use of Tinkers. Tinker is an OUTSTANDING mod, however it appears to be a "staple" in Tech modpacks and I wanted to deviate away from that within reason of course. Yes quests will be improved as time goes on. Promo Video of the Modpack Released:
  11. The pack download is quite large yes. However, I plan to eventually migrate it over to Solder like all my other packs if it gets popular enough. This will make there only be one large initial download and then only updates will be downloaded. However, this has yet to be determined because as I said, I have to see how popular the pack gets and a Solder integration is a bit more complicated. On a side note, the pack has been updated to version 1.0.3 - Released the Server Pack! - Removed SirusMC - Removed FTBLib - Removed FTBUtils - Added SimplyHammers - Updated Forestry - Updated AcademyCraft - Updated LamdaLib - Fixed Steel Issue Related to Quests and made it oreDictionary detection - Tweaked Configurations
  12. We are in a new age. It is the Dawn of a Revolution. A break-through in scientific development has caused an enhancement in human capability. Steam and Redstone Flux have been refined to perfection. A new breed of human has been birthed into this age. Alchemists and Scientists continue researching. More is desired. Technology has evolved to where entire houses can be made mobile at a whim. Steam Ships travel airborne cross continents. Computers have been outfitted to regulate Security Systems. Items can be stored on drives as bytes of data. Portals can be opened to connect operations. So much has changed. So much has advanced. But perhaps the one thing that has developed far beyond our expectation is Human Abilities. We have found a way to utilize Redstone Flux and Steam to enhance humans. We call this project, the AEtereal Drive _____________________________________________________________ This modpack uses Science and Technology as its foundation. This modpack includes a server pack as well for those that want to create an AEtereal Drive powered server. There is no magic in this pack. However there is a twist. This modpack was carefully put together to set it apart from standard Tech modpacks. The theme is a Steampunk/Victorian style. It has a heavy emphasis on Steampower and Redstone Flux. However, the player, as they progress through the pack, will also be able to enhance themselves. But do keep in mind....there is a twist that comes along with the time played in this modpack.... Technic Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/aetereal-drive.798184 Install Link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/aetereal-drive This modpack is also available via distribution from Curse, which is why all mods in here have permission. The official curse project page is here: http://www.curse.com/modpacks/minecraft/241086-aetereal-drive MODLIST: http://minecraft.nerdstormproduction.com/aetereal/ PROMO VIDEO:
  13. Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.6.1 - Pack is now available via Curse Client for Distribution in addition to Technic and Feed the Beast - UPDATED AbyssalCraft to - UPDATED AnimationAPI to 1.2.4 - UPDATED Armourer's Workshop to - UPDATED Automagy to 0.27 - UPDATED Bilbiocraft to 1.11.4 - UPDATED Bibliocraft Biomes O Plenty Wood - UPDATED Botania to 237 - UPDATED Bradon's Core - UPDATED Chisel2 to - UPDATED Clockwork Phase to 1.0f - UPDATED CodeChickenCore to - UPDATED CoFH Core to 3.0.3-303 - UPDATED Draconic Evolution to 1.0.2-Snapshot_8 - UPDATED Fairy Lights to 1.4.0 - UPDATED Forbidden Magic to 0.571 - UPDATED Forestry to - UPDATED Hardcore Questing Mode to 4.4.3a - UPDATED InventoryTweaks to 1.59-dev-152 - UPDATED IvToolkit to 1.2 - UPDATED MalisisCore to 0.14.0 - UPDATED MalisisDoors to 1.13.0 - UPDATED Mantle to 0.3.2b - UPDATED MineTweaker to 3.0.10B - UPDATED ModTweaker to 0.9.4 - UPDATED More Swords Mod to 3.0.4 - UPDATED NEI Addons to - UPDATED NEI to - UPDATED Pam's Harvest Craft to 1.7.10La - UPDATED Player API to 1.4 - UPDATED Railcraft to - UPDATED RunicDungeons to 1.1.6a - UPDATED NoMoreRecipeConflict to 0.3 - UPDATED Thaumic Exploration to 1.1-53 - UPDATED Travellers Gear to 1.16.6 - UPDATED WAILIA to 1.5.10 - UPDATED WAILA Plugins to 0.2.0-23 - ADDED - EnderCore - ADDED - SquidAPI - ADDED - SquidUtils - REMOVED - Tall Doors - REMOVED - Structure Generator - REMOVED - CustomChestLoot - REMOVED - FoodPlus **NOTE: Enabled the Minecraft Forge Splash Screen as many players were getting confused because they thought the pack was crashing at a Black Screen when really it was just the Forge Loading Screen being hidden so you didn't have to watch all the mods and textures stitch themselves together. If you want to disable this loading screen simple go into the config folder and open the splash.properties file and set LoadScreen to false.
  14. Fairy Tail - Woooow! Server has been updated to version 1.6.0 Time Line of Changes
  15. This server has been superseded by this server. The Magical Divination server is the foundation of the Fairy Tail server however the mods have been tweaked and altered. The server linked below is open to all. So feel free to come join us! Anything in Magical Divination is also in Fairy Tail with the exception of a few mods. However the Modpack for Magical Divination is still available.
  16. Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.5.0 - Added Clockwork Phase - Added CraftHeraldry - Added Jabba - Removed Adventure Amulets - Updated Botania
  17. Thanks. I will fix it. Now that Celestial Craft is implemented I will likely be doing an updated version of the video for the pack.
  18. Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.4.0 Rise of the Celestial Spirits Has Arrived!!! - Pack Version Update to 1.4.0 - Rise of the Celestial Spirits - Celestial Craft has been updated to the official 1.0.0 Release Build. - Hardcore Quest Mode has been added. - 36 New Quests added to Hardcore Quest Mode - 4 New Factions Added. - Massive Amount of Configuration Changes
  19. Sure I could do that but then I lose all the plugin data as well. Although, technically I could rSync the plugin data also since really for a complete server restore you would only need the plugin folder and the World folder which gets zipped up via multicraft. And just have multicraft run backups more often. Everything else is just a matter of taking the mods in the modpack and reuploading. That does make sense. However, do you know if rSync has a built in "white-list" feature, so it only takes certain files/folders. I know it has the --exclude option and I know you can generate an "exclude-list.txt" and have it read it but I was wondering if there was an alternative.
  20. I run a Dedicated Box. I have Multicraft installed on it and host a two servers off of the box. Currently Multicraft is set to back-up the server at night and zip it up nice nice. Now this is a nice tidy thing to do however does not protect against Hardware failure which many server owner/administrators overlook. So my question is a rather simple one. I have a Dedicated Box that hosts my servers and I have a Hosting Plan with a webhost company that is wonderful. I have shelll access to both. What I want to do is RSync my server from the Webhost with a cronjob. I know the RSync works as I have already tested it and duplicated old server files onto a backup directory in my webhost. However the issue I run into is that the backup can take quite some time. The maps are quite large. The problem with that is the save. If the map saves while RSync is running well than the backup files might get somewhat corrupted. Any of you have a suggestion as to how I can have the MultiCraft Auto-Save turn itself off while the Cron job launches the RSync that executes from my Webhost and starts backing up the server and then once complete it turns it back on? Once again this problem mainly comes because I use Multicraft and am pulling files from the Dedicated Box to my Webhost. Ideally if I was not using Multicraft I could probably use the: screen stuff <COMMAND HERE> method and make a .sh file to execute. Suggestions and ideas or examples would be wonderful. Plowman if you read this I know you posted your RSync script for the hourly backup and that is fantastic. However, I can't think of a way to make that work with Multicraft since I don't know what screen the server uses, or if it even uses a screen.
  21. thanks Terdy, I responded to you on MC Forums but I will repost it here too as I see this issue is quite common with 1.7.10 kCauldron implementations. Decent read on my theory why this occurred. TDLR: This error is caused by an extension of a potion array -> Download a Mod to Extend the Array the correct way -> Download the Patch so that the byte class that is called out to, to extend the potion array doesn't also break the signs and player names that use the same class.
  22. KCauldron-1.7.10-1481.148 I also tested this on KCauldron-1.7.10-1492.155. Same issues and I checked out the client log and only found the semi-same message. Here is the client log: http://pastebin.com/gcAPdqw8 You can see the issue popped up right at the bottom after I died. I also thought it could be a plugin however the plugins didn't change. The issue just started happening. I actually removed a bunch of plugins no longer in use and the issue still exists. I also assume it has something to do with Mods as opposed to plugins. However as they say when trying to solve a problem leave no stone un-turned. Here is a list of all the plugins in use. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5221303/plugins.zip
  23. Yes it only happens on the server and the server is kCauldron. However the server does not crash, just the client.
  24. Alright so I am running into this really annoying crash. I can't for the life of me figure it out. The crash occurs when a player dies. Once they die and click respawn they are sent back to spawn like normal. No problem however they are frozen and locked in place. In order to regain control of their character they have to log out and log back in. Now I took this a step further and tried to figure out what was causing this. So I tried a variety of things and finally discovered that if I try to open my inventory while in this state my client crashes with this log: http://pastebin.com/87U6aUtH Now I have no idea where that is coming from. The only 118 ID I have is a potion and is in AM2 and I changed that just to see if that would fix it and the crash still occurs with the exact same error. It is apparently some type of rendering issue. So then I took it a step further and looked to see if I can find anything else out. Sure enough I discovered that after you respawn if you go into 3rd person your character does not render. You are invisible, and frozen. And then if you open your inventory. You crash. If you log out and log back in though your fine. Before we discuss the obvious like you have old version of mods and what not, I would just like to say this has started rather recently and randomly and the pack has not changed much in way of mods. So maybe if anyone has ideas on what is causing this and which mod may be responsible it will be easier. So any help is appreciated. Here is a link to the modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/nsp-fairytail.654111
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