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[1.0.6] ShankMC.Net - B-Team | PvP | FACTIONS | 50 Slots|

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Welcome To ShankMC - Attack Of The B-Team

About us

ShankMC.Net is a high quality server network that specializes in modpacks

and PvP gamemodes.



Server Information

Attack Of The B-Team Version 1.0.6 (Recommended)

IP: BTeam.ShankMC.Net

Website: ShankMC.Net



No Homophobia

No Racism

No Hacking

No Spamming

No Duplicating


Remember to post down below if you like the server!

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Clear Lag Sucks It Gets Rid Of Animals And People Make Farms For The Mods It's Annoying When U Have To Look For Animals Every 5 Minutes!!!  :psyduck: U Should Make It That Items Dissapper Not Animals Not Cool!!! :kakashi:



P.S. I Have Fun On The Server But I Am Not Liking It That Much Anymore Because OF THE "ClearLag".

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