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Server 2.0.4 Only Vanilla ores? HELP PLEASE


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it has been awhile since i had played voltz and i recently wanted to play again. I wanted to play with my cousins and friends so i started a new server but i noticed that we could not find any copper, tin, platinum ores and etc. So i went into creative mode and tried to play down any "mod" item but they disappeared. I tried to place down a copper ore but they also disappeared. I went to a single player world and i could find mod ores easy. Server 2.0.4 is the only problem i have. We can't seem to make the server work.


Please Help


P.S. we do know how to make a server. we have made server multiple times but its been months since we played minecraft. if there is a new way to make a server then please help.


Thank you

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