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Voltz Won't Download


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i REALLY want to play voltz, but everytime i try to download it, it says:


Error downloading file for the following pack: Voltz


Failed to validate


please consult the modpack author. 


it does this EVERYTIME i try it, on all of my computors 

and to top it off, when ever i click on the link to Voltz from technicpack.net it says there was an error with the servers. i cant find an answer to this in any other posts. plase help!!

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Hello redninja, recently I have encountered the same issue when trying to download and install Attack of The B-Team and Business elite. I have found no other reports of this problem and have attempted a full technic platform reboot. Until a response is sent by an administrator I suggest trying to reinstall to the latest version of java and get a new technic launcher.


Thanks for reading-


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The Technic mirror link and Voltz pages are both down at the time of this posting. We just got our new Voltz server up and running and now can't even test it because the launcher keeps getting a error message about a file it can not download on from the mirror. 

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Well i have the same problem, kind of... i deleted the voltz pack then tried to re-download it but it would'nt work then i saw on the internet that if you disable your Anti-virus and keep re-trying the download a whole bunch it will eventually download. You have to re-try download A LOT of times though!

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Technic servers are down for the moment, take some time off and enjoy Valentines day. Technic team will be back with more love as soon as they can


Also, cracked launchers have been shot down, so if you used one you are shit out of luck. Only users who have paid for minecraft can use the launcher

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When i try to play voltz it just says its downloading "legacywrapper" and sometimes "version.json" and stops.

I have re-installed the launcher and made sure i have the java but nothing.

And now it said that the "fml" ting that pops up whenu start voltz has had a fatal error

What do i do.


It was working fine yesterday but now... i dont even know what happend.

At first i thought my computer had shit itself.

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