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MATURE SERVER! - Serious people only! -


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I know that you are not accepting at the moment, but I feel as if I may as well see if you have any intention of accepting on a later basis.


IGN: Kumimasen (It means "Exuse me" In japanese)


First real name: Justin, or Harrison, whatever floats your boat


Contact Information: My email is [email protected], Steam name is Kumimasen


Age: 14, and yes, I read the bolded "Mature", and I can assure you that I am more mature than most, no need to worry about jokes and swears, needless to say I don't come from a very great school. If this is a fact that will get my application denied, I fully understand and am willing to search for a whitelisted server else where (Wow, that sounded a lot douchier than it did in my head, oh well)


Location: United states of America, Alabama


Pros: I'm not a complete moron and can get something done without one another's help, I don't rage (*gasp*, it's a miracle!), and I'm not all that pranky.

Cons: I'm only 14, so I still have to go to school; My builds aren't exactly "YouTube material", so I won't build much above ground; I can probably only fit in 7 Hours a day.


I don't expect an answer for quite sometime seeing as you most likely won't come back to your thread until you need more people.

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Good day IGN: Doooodlez

Real name :Samuel

Contacts : Skype- i'l tell you if i you let me play in this server.

Age: 16

Location: Sweden, Stockholm

pros: I love this mod pack for its building materials, love building, helpful.

cons: i'm not the greatest on words so… idk xD

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IGN: jeppeotte

Real first name: Jeppe

Contact: On E-mail: [email protected] or on skype: jeppeotte

Age: 15

Location: Denmark, Nordjylland.

Pros: I know many mods, and if I dont know much about them, i will learn it. I'm am a good builder. And i'm friendly.

Cons: School is one off them, and then homework i got lot of it.


I know that you guys not currently accept applications, but when you guys are doing it again it will be here. I hope i can come and see you guys on the server. :)


Best regards, MrJep.


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