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Factions Server [Economy][EE Disabled][Raiding & Greifing]


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Blurred Logic


Website: http://blurredlogic.enjin.com/

Blurred Logic is an amazing Tekkit server and is a very new server, which high expectations and goals. We have so much to offer, including:

  • Factions / PVP
  • Griefing / Raiding / Stealing
  • Economy / ChestShop
  • No Lag / ClearLag
  • Great Connection
  • Great Staff
  • And more!

What separates us from other Tekkit servers is that we do not overpower the player! Having most of EE banned makes a player have to be much more dynamic! Quantum Chest is another banned item we feel strongly about. It completely defeats the point in wilderness, since you can't die while wearing it. The rest of our banned items include:

  • Nukes (Very Laggy)
  • Dimensional Anchors (Very Laggy)
  • World Anchors (Very Laggy)
  • Tank Cart (Duping)
  • Mining Laser (Overpowered)
  • Cannon (Overpowered)
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Nice server :) I just spent some time on it only thing that got me on it was how to get out of spawn xD Maybe a sign or two so members know to jump to get out haha It would be a shame to loose a player because they couldn't get out of the spawn! Haha good luck, it looks good :D

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