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IDCTEKKIT Server is now looking for members. The server is whitelisted with 17 open slots left.
NO banned items
the rules are very simple:

  • - No griefing
  • - No pvp (except in pvp areas)
  • - No stealing
  • - No hacks or taking advantage of Tekkit bugs.
  • - Never ask to be op'ed
  • - Must use teampspeak
  • -Must respect Others and there builds
  • -Must be mature player

post an app on here:

Age(limit 16 and up):

Years playing minecraft:

Experience with modded minecraft: 

Why you want to join us: 

Do you have teamspeak and a headset(required):  

you can also find me on my teamspeak server
ts.idcdayz.com:9269 as <[iDC]> The King (usually in the admin channel, ask an IDC member to move you) 

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Ign- BabyLazer


Age- 16


Years of playing Minecraft- 3 years


Experience with modded minecraft- Most tekkit packs, some custom packs and FTB. I have played all of the listed with many custom packs made by me and others.


Why I want to join you- I've been looking for a good server to play on that allows me to do what i want to and still have rules to prevent mine and others work from being destroyed.


Do I have TeamSpeak and Headset- Yes I have teamspeak (Im on it as im filling this out) and i have a headset (turtle Beach PX3) 

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IGN- VanillaGorrila

Age- 29

Years - 2 with tekkit, good with ME systems and automated farms and factories


Im looking for a small survival server where everyones pretty tight nit. We work together on creating something truly epic, without resorting to OP or god mode. 


Yes I have a teamspeak, I'm more familiar with skype, but I have a teamspeak and headset.

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IGN: PrzemkuPrzemku 

Age(limit 16 and up): 28

Years playing minecraft: many. over 2 years

Experience with modded minecraft: I like lua scripts. Tekkit, Classic Tekkit

Why you want to join us: I.m looking for a small server without banned items and no any VIP or superuser, goduser etc.

Do you have teamspeak and a headset(required):  yes


Other: I'm from Poland :) and can't speak fluent.

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IGN: Benn_Benn


Age(limit 16 and up): I am 16

Years playing minecraft: About 2-3 Years

Experience with modded minecraft:  I have alot of Experience with mods, Like AE, GalacticCraft, Thermal Exspansion, Equivalent Exchange And Alot more.

Why you want to join us: Well i have allways been a fan of small modded servers just so i can play without alot of hassel and more freedom un-like fully public servers were they ban alot of items that make the modpack good.

Do you have teamspeak and a headset(required):  Yes i have both and little background noise except bloody dogsT-T From time to time.

Extra: I am a nice, Fair person so you wont need to worry that ill do something bad, Im not an idiot who thinks they can just ruin other peoples days by making and SuperLag machine, Griefing or Stealing, and things of those sorts.

Also im not sure why its HighLighted xD

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