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[1.0.7a] SMP DarkStar [PVE] !![5 SLOT]!!


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!!UPDATED TO 1.0.8!!



Key features:

  • Survival
  • No PvP
  • Anti-grief
  • No requirements to join other than being whitelisted!
  • Small community!
  • Weekends online from 10AM : 12PM
  • WhiteListed


Server rules:

Please follow all rules at all times and notice me if someone does not follow the rules. There will be punishment for not following the rules.


  • Do not grief
  • Do not steal
  • Do not spam or use all caps in the chat
  • Do not use bugs to get an advantage
  • Be friendly towards anyone!
  • Have respect for anyone!
  • Do have fun!


DIsabled mod:






This is server just for people who wants to play with other people and will not be online 24/7, being the reason im hosting it @home and im at work during the daytime.

Main reason i have setup this server is. Im being bored to be playing alone and want to share the experience with others and have fun. i will try to have the server running every weekend

hopefully having informed you all well enough.


ps. the timezone im in = UTC+1

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please whitelist me and my friend, we are going to record for youtube if that's alright. IGN benamn448 and my friend's is Jordlenny



can I get whitelisted? IGN : Derviso

Thank you



Could I please be whitelisted? IGN: Bergmannsteinski


Thank you!



Whitelist me Plz  :kiddo:  Ign: killerman2430



Whitelist me please. IGN: lego_freak00


All approved, but please note: the server is online only @ the weekends and that there can only be 5 online at the time.

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