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What mod adds waterfall sounds


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I havent gotten an opertunity to play, But i assume there's some kind of atmospheric sounds mod. I'll edit this if looking into it turns anything up




Edit: Started playing Bteam, Can't find anything and the sound annoys the shit out of me as well

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So in the Weathermod modpack there's a resources folder which has waterfall.ogg in it. I tried renaming it, which caused, when loading my savegame, minecraft to crash. So I tried replacing the default waterfall.ogg with a dummy version which has no sound and that fixed it.


So basically:


1. Open the Weathermod modpack (it should be under Appdata/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam/mods/Weathermod(version number)

2. Navigate to assets/weathermod/sound

3. Replace waterfall.ogg with a dummy waterfall.ogg (which has no sound) and voila!


You can create a dummy .ogg file by just opening the sound recorder; clicking start and stop after a second and then saving it as waterfall.wma after which you can google a converter and download the .ogg file!


Thanks you guys! This is really so much better!

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