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ArcadianCraft[1.0.8] Grief! Raid! PvP! Anarchy! Mature people!

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Welcome to the new and improved ArcadianCraft server

It also is public so no whitelist!!

48 slots

server ip:


!!!Just so you know this is not conventional anarchy, this does have factions and some protected areas, but other than that you can do as you please!!!


This is escentially a free for all, do whatever the hell you want server!

This server has all mods enabled, only 3 banned items which are

1. explosive and fire ball advanced genetics

2. explosive dubstep gun

3. Minions


All of these banned items are subject to being unbanned at any time.


there are very few rules on this server as well

1. use common sense

2. dont piss off the admins

3. do what the admins say when asked to do something

4. dont cry when raided

5. Have loads of fun




thats really it for the most part..

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This server isn't mature, the owner forever Jailed and muted me because saying that "it is a player hosted drop party and not an owner hosted drop party" is 'implying' that he is stupid. just because he had a problem with it he decided to be an immature little brat. muting, jailing, constantly shooting me to death and kicking me off the server.


This just isn't right. i would suggest not to waste your time on this server



Edited because i said "banned" instead of "jailed"

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i didnt go into the full detail of how it elapsed, those are the main points.


he didnt ban me, i can still go on i just cannot talk, nor escape my prison cell.


for ever alone.... commiting suicide


igm: _Venema_

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It's kinda sad when you admin is 1000x nicer then the fucking owner. just because i kept sufficating in the jail sell he decided to ban me.


Harsh, Cruel, Abusive and a keeler, not what you want in a server


Not to mention that he had his staff advetise the server due to how fat and fucking lazy he is

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