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[1.0.10B] InceptiModded! [Staff Spots OPEN!][Open][Factions][Grief][PVP][Stealing][Teamspeak][Raid]


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Hello all! This is the InceptiModded server, we originally was a feed the beast dire wolf pack server but have decided to give this pack a go instead so please if this is not up to scratch you must understand that we've never done this type of server before.


I must say that when you login spawn is pretty empty this is because we've decided to release the map early for you guys to start up on and get situated whilst we add more stuff! The next thing to be added will be the shop system and other ways of earning money so that you can actually then expand faction bases and then we will look into adding more plugins and actually building some complex events!





1- Don't be rude

2- Dont beg

3- Dont spam

4- Dont grief buildings you shouldn't! this is aimed at staff towns such as spawn.

5- Respect all staff and admins!



Removed mods!

- Minions


Banned items!



We have plans for the server, we will have a donator island for the donators so that they can do special things etc which we will decide upon in the future. We will be making events such as survival games, zombies etc which people can participate in. We will also have faction wars!



Our website is incepticraft.enjin.com, if you have any suggestions post them over there. Thank you.

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