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help: friends have trubble connecting to my server

furry frank

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as the title says, my friends are having trubble connecting to my server. my server is tekkit version 1.1.10, my tekkit client and his client are both at 1.1.10. im brodcasting the server with hamotchie. when he connected, he was fine for a few seconds, then he fell through the world, and fell through the void untill he was disconnected by the server. is there a way to fix this?

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are you sure he is spelling the server name correctly?  :crossarms: 





































Just kidding, a quick :google: search turns up this is likely do to connectivity issues. Here is a link 


First one I clicked on said this and recommended power cycling your router/cable modem.

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Don't use hamachi. You should open your ports instead, 25565 by default (can be changed in the server's config) in UDP and TCP. You can do it via this freeware. Install it, run it, click on the + button, put a name, put 25565 in the port, UDP in protocol, validate, repeat with TCP in protocol. Launch your server and give your friend your public IP (can be found on the internet). Best solution I found on the web, works for any game server you can run on your computer I think. You should still fell through the world when you connect, I think that's normal, happens to me every time I log on a Tekkit server (or change dimension), you just have to wait a few seconds. Hope that works for you

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