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  1. You can use flux capacitors, they're like external batteries. Read the in game description of the item for how to use them
  2. You can either use two engines, or look into computer controlled engines
  3. So Skuli is alone working on both packs ?
  4. It scraps the config directory, validates mods files, and extract configs from downloaded mod zips if they exist, then it starts the game and if a mod doesn't find its config it should write his own default. So if you don't pack config files, they're set by mods themselves, wich can lead to ID errors
  5. Woops, ok so I tested again and it does re-extract the mods and reset configs to default. Don't know why the first time I tried it didn't do anything (must be my fault). Should have spend more time looking at it before posting. If you have only one faulty config then you should delete it so the mod can reload the default config, because reset does that to all configs
  6. Well if I read the code correctly, and after testing, the reset button doesn't do anything. The delete button only works for non official packs and deletes the folder containing the pack in your technic install folder
  7. Some sort of devblog once a week or a month would be cool, I don't really care that you guys aren't working full time on Tekkit, I just want to know you're working on it and what's being done. I know devblogs are time consuming, so it's up to you guys but I'm pretty sure it would be a plus to the community
  8. Some updates about what's in progress would be nice, yes
  9. I tried gathering almost all mods from Tekkit in their latest versions for 1.7.10. Almost everything is still beta, and one major thing is that Thermal Expansion lacks the ducts and conduits. Team COFH said they will be in a separate mod, but for now they're not out
  10. Woops, forgot to explain that, and also forgot to translate the comments in the section that does that. When the script is running, if you press the + key on your numpad it prompts you to add a level Add a floor: <number> "label" <level> <number> is the number that will be displayed on the left of the label on the screen, label is the name of the level and level is the distance from level 0 to your level. If your level 1 is 5 blocks above level 0 then level is 5; if it's 3 blocks below then it's -3. You don't need to write the '<>' and the '"'. If you press the - key on your numpad, it prompts you to delete a level Remove a floor: <level> <level> is the same than when you want to add a level, it's the distance from level 0. If you press the * key on your numpad, it prompts you the number of a level (the number on the left of the screen) and gives you the distance (useful if you want to delete a level but don't remember the distance). It's not that easy to understand nor to explain, and i'm sorry about that, could have done it better now that I think about it. I will rewrite everything for CC 1.6 when I'm done with my other projects and create another topic on the forum EDIT: Also, you can change the keys used, just edit the following lines if event[2] == keys.numPadAdd then --Add level --... elseif event[2] == keys.numPadSubtract then --Remove level --... elseif event[2] == keys.multiply then --Get level with keys from the keys API
  11. Sorry, forgot I deleted the pastebins ! Reuploaded everything and changed the links in the original post. I haven't tested it for a while so I have no idea if it still works, but it should. If you need help, just ask !
  12. MFR overrides vanilla ice, the glacial precipitator makes MFR's ice. QCraft has nice features, you can make hidden entrances and exits, teleport structures and portals to other servers. The only problem is that the last two don't work in Tekkit because of ice EDIT: also if you guys confirmed the issue on the tracker (with the buttons on the right) it might help
  13. Just tested, there's no way of obtaining vanilla ice, always freezes to MFR ice, so QCraft portals won't work. That's a problem, because it's a main feature of the mod, I'll put an issue on the tracker if there isn't one already EDIT: Issue on the tracker
  14. Not the topic here Is there no way to get ice that works with qcraft ?
  15. Dimensionnal door has a linker tool that allows to create two linked rifts in the same or in other dimensions, you can then place any dimensional door on one rift and when you walk through it you are teleported to the other rift and a door matching the one you placed is on the rift. You can also use QCraft quantum portals
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