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ME storage question


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I have a few 64k storage drives, and i created the ME drive in hopes of storing the empty ones in it and still having access to put the items into them through the chest via cables or something. Is it possible to do that? I haven't fiddled around with that mod much.

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Hi Poopyjoe


Yes it is, and, like TonyVS pointed out above, there's also more than one way to do it, depending on how "advanced" you want your setup to be.


For the more advanced setups see below if you want, a warning though, it's a lot of text :P


To get access to the ME Drive with the storage devices in, you'll need a ME Wireless Access Point and a ME Wireless Access Terminal. Either connect the Access Point to your Me Network with some ME Cables, or place it directly next to any other ME device already connected to the network.

You'll need to charge the Wireless Terminal by placing it into a Me Power Relay, and waiting for it to get fully charged. It will use some energy each time you use the Wireless Terminal, so you'll need to charge it every now and then when it's energy gets a bit low.

You'll then need to link the Wireless Terminal to your network by placing it into the Me Controller into the space provided on the right hand side when opening the controller interface.

You should then be able to place the terminal onto your bar, and when right clicking with it, it should open and display all your items in the network, and you will be able to add and remove items from here.

Keep in mind though that you'll need to be in range of the Access Point for the remote to function, and you can increase the range by placing up to 16 Wireless Boosters in to the Wireless Access Point. You can also place more than one Access Point in your base, by running ME Cable to where you want access from and placing another access point there.

You will also be able to request items to be auto crafted with the Wireless Terminal if you've setup a ME Molecular Assembler Chamber.

You also get an AppEng Wireless Terminal add-on for the Modular Powersuit Fist, which can then replace the Wireless Access Terminal.


For a more "advanced" setup, which will enable you to get items from, as well as place items into your ME Network from anywhere, even from other dimensions, you can do a setup with logistics pipes, ender chests and ender pouches.


You will need the following to get this to work :

1 x ME Interface, connected to your ME Network

1 x ME Import Bus, I use the Precision Import Bus set to Stack Mode, but the other Import Busses will also work.

Some Me Cable, depending on where you want to place your Ender Chests

2 x Ender Chests, setup with a different colour each

2 x Ender Pouches, one each paired with one of the Ender Chests

1 x Logistics Remote Orderer

Some basic Logistics pipes, depending on where you want to place your Ender Chests

1 x Provider Logistics pipe - MK2 if you can

1 x Request Logistics pipe - MK2 if you can (If I remember correctly this pipe is not strictly necessary for this setup, but I have some Supplier Logistics pipes that requests items from the Me Network that needs this pipe to work)

(You can combine the above two logistics pipes with a Logistics Chassis MK2, and then placing a provider module and request module into the chassis, but this is a bit more expensive to craft)

1 x Remote Orderer Logistics pipe


Now for the setup.


Connect the Provider and Request Logistics pipes to the Me Interface

Place one of the Ender Chests where you want it, then place the Remote Orderer Logistics pipe next to (or under or on top of) the Ender chest. This chest, as well as the Ender Pouch paired with this chest, will be the "outgoing" chest/pouch - IAW this chest/pouch, will be where you can get the items you've requested from your ME Network.

Connect all the logistics pipes together with Basic logistics pipes if needed.

Then you'll need to take the Remote Orderer, and right click with it on the Remote Orderer logistics pipe that you've placed on the the Ender Chest, to link the two.

You will now be able to request any of the items stored in your ME Network, by right clicking with the Remote Orderer in your hand, and then when the request has been successful, you can retrieve the items by right clicking with the "outgoing" Ender Pouch in your hand.

The only draw back with this is that you can't request any items to be auto crafted from the ME Network with the Remote Orderer, you can only do this with the ME Wireless Terminal.


To get the "ingoing" chest/pouch to work, you need to place the other Ender Chest where you want it, then place the Me Import Bus onto this chest, and connect the Import Bus to your ME Network.

You can then right click with the Ender Pouch paired with this Ender Chest in your hand, and any items placed into the pouch/chest will be sucked into the Me Network.


I hope the above makes sense, and that I answered your question at least with my wall of text  :)


I suggest that you go and have a look at the AE web site and read through most of the stuff on there to get a decent understanding of all the stuff available to you. http://ae-mod.info/

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All you need to interface with the ME Drive is a standard ME Access Terminal wired to the same network as the drive. Don't need the ME chest at all, but you can keep it around if you want to go in and manipulate single drives for some manual organization. There are more advanced options for organization later on, but for the bare minimum, you can have an ME Drive, up to 10 Drives, a Network Controller, and an ME Access Terminal. I recommend upgrading the Access Terminal to a Crafting Terminal ASAP, as it is AWESOME.


Oh and if you want to pump items into the network from a Quarry or something, you CAN pump it into the chest with a single drive in it, it will still spread stuff to the drives in the ME Drive if its on the same network as the ME Chest. I'd recommend putting the "priority" of the ME Drive to be higher than the ME Chest, to ensure that stuff gets sent to the drives first so the chest doesn't get clogged up.


If you reach a point where you want to phase out the ME Chest you are pumping into, but still want to pump items into the network, you can simply pump them into an ME Interface, that will do the same thing, without worrying about the drive in the chest at all.

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