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Ok, so I was just playing around as a bat, trying to find some redwood forests, and I crashed. I thought "No biggie, just reload the world"  And so I tried. But the Save didnt show up. I tried restarting AOTBT multiple times, and nothing. The save file is in the correct folder, Im a modder, I know how to work with this stuff. However, I have never had this problem. Please help me recover the world, as I had a huge buildup of tunnels for my 4 dragons, and I really dont want to restart the world. :/    

PS: Before this big crash, there were multiple crashes happening when I was a bat, loading new chunks, but the save always showed up again.

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My single player world also disappeared after a crash. A couple crashes happened before and it still showed up until the last one. I looked through the files and the save is still there but it won't show up when I load the game. I don't know what to do and I don't want to restart the world I was playing with. Hoping there is a fix that can get to show up again so I can play. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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