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Equivilent Exchange on the latest update?


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So I logged on my buddies server today and everything I had was gone. Turned out equivalent exchange was gone from the server, along with everything i owned that was in the alchemy chests.

He claims that the tekkit update from a couple days ago removed or disabled equivalent exchange. I call bull. Since i cant find evidence for or against, I ask the tekkit community. Did EE get disabled or did my admin just screw me and wont man up?

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I'm gonna go with "The admin did it, and he doesn't want to deal with someone entitled who refuses to work for his items."

You probably had a ton of collectors and shit giving you diamonds and matter and stuff passively and he probably wants players to be more active.

Furthermore, he expects you to freak the fuck out and go ballistic, so he lied to you because you're annoying, not because he's a pussy.

That said, he might have a problem with you. I don't know the details. I'm just good at guessing when it comes to human personality.

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Thank you guys for the quick responses.

I cant really hold it against him for nuking EE, simply because of the ability to have all of those collectors. I'm just annoyed because i legitimately collected all my goodies. I think he was just trying to head off any of our other friends who are just getting on the server from doing the collector spam.

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