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  1. enable: true itemRestrictions: true informPlayers: true whitelist: false messages: whitelistMessage: You are not allowed to join this server. Goodbye! prohibitedItem: You have prohibited item "%s". permissionDenied: Sorry, you don't have enough permissions use-material-names: false drop-restricted-item: true item-use-check: true Change it to this
  2. Go with beastnode. Works great for me
  3. Did you guys edit the config of Modifyworld? By default, everythings disabled for it.
  4. Ok, first off. You don't have inheritance set for anything. Meaning, if you want person a to get the perms of, say, Luke and default, you have to put that in there. Im still new to pex, but...I think that may be your problem. apologies if Im wrong. Also, check the config in the modifyworld folder.
  5. What? Balkons got removed? Well..that sucks, I loved that mod...
  6. Actually Jay?, look int he quote. Mephisto typed his comment up in it by accident.
  7. I sincerely hope you dont meant that billy. 98...I dont think it can even run mc. Prolly not. Afterall, they had about a whopping 128 mb's of ram, I think.
  8. Personally, I love Elooram's ability as a modder. Redpower...just adds soooo much stuff. I've been experimenting for a while, and still haven't gotten to everything it can do. I thought at first that redpower was just a simpler way to use redstone...it's this, and sooo mcuh more. I was blown away by everything she added. On the topic of 'copying' Jakj pretty much summed up my thoughts on it.
  9. Whats really surprising is that with all the wierdos here, no one has taken advntage of the ruling on adult images/porn
  10. My first was Zombe's mods. Which I used mainly for flying and building...It was way back in 1.5. Next up was Finite liquid...Then a bunch of mods, including Betterthanwolves which still ran fairly well with other mods at the time.
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