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Beautiful Spawn Village download.

Digital Gambit

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So I have a nice spawn village for anyone to use. Its been prettied up a bit for a nice spawn point to use as a starter home area..

This is not meant for people who want to do all the hard work of making a village look good themselves.

Just for the casual people who want something to start with. It isn't pimped out to the max or anything. I only spent a couple hours on it.


But like I said, everyone is welcome to use this :)

Oh yeah! if anyone wants just the seed for a vanilla version of the map its <-903825986457175834>


y: 75

z: -1993


Some things I did.

  • Terra formed the village to be easier to traverse around.
  • Added a custom road.
  • Added a pond, stream, miniature lake scene near the cemetery.
  • Changed the building materials of the village houses using the "chisel" mod.
  • added a variety of crops to the farms.
  • Added stone paths.
  • Added various outdoor attractions, benches, clothes line, shrubs, birdbaths.
  • Tried my best to hide torches when you are in the village.
  • All chests are untouched in the village.
  • 3 Iron golems, they are already named sorry! But I think I did a pretty good job naming them.
  • Dressed up the cemetery (the bonus chest contents are in the chest in the crypt).
  • Put in various decoration block to make the village "prettier".
  • Added berry bushes, you can find all the berry bushes in the surrounding area anyway.
  • Dressed up the inside of a few buildings but not all.


Picture time! (Using Sphax BD Texture pack)








You get The King as a villager whats not to love!? (resource pack looks may vary) 



Download link with MediaFire:



 To install just unzip the file using winRAR or winZIP and drag the folder into your saves folder for attack of the b-team.


windows it should be: computer>user>(username)>appdata>roaming>.technic>modpacks>AttackOfB-Team>saves

If you can't get to the folder through your computer just go to startmenu and type "%appdata%" in the search bar.

I'm not sure about where the Mac folder is located sorry!


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The replies mean just as much as the original post. The same reasoning behind not having to scroll a crap ton to get to the replies, or any other additional information under the images (if there was or not, i wouldnt know without having to scroll past them anyway) would be annoying to get to. My reasoning is the same reasoning behind not spilling logs out on the tracker.

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