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Problems with Induction furnace

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My friend and now myself have both had these problems with not being able to power the induction furnace even when energy is being channeled to it. we're using copper cabling from a batbox which is receiving energy via solar/water mills and all the sudden the furnace stops using the power while the batbox continues to drain. Any insight into this matter would be appreciated


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Induction furnaces will use up power as long as they have a redstone current to them, to keep them heated up. It's how they work, and a lot of the advanced machines have had their EU usage increased by a lot. I know I had to get a MV solar panel before I was pretty well set up for my machines. I have it running the induction furnace, two rotary macerators, a centrifuge extractor, a singularity compressor, and a recycler. All the adv machines are run to where they're all maxed out and I have about 10-20k eu left after the night from the MFE I use.

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