[1.2.9h] Tekkit by CraftersLand [PvP | Clans | Economy | Dynmap | Towns | 80 Slots] Be inventive! - Fresh Start

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My name is MagyarVagyok23(In-game too)

I started playing on this server 2 days ago. I really like that the server is not lagging much and that the community is very welcoming and cheerful.

I like the spawn and the crate system.

Pretty much everything! :D

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One of the best minecraft servers I have played on in a long time, it has a great community and great supportive staff that are almost always online. I have played on this server before about a year ago and it has stayed high quality and amazing for all this time. I would really recommend for anyone who is interested in tekkit to play on this server.

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Psycode01 (IGN)


I would like to acclaim this server one of the best; an astonishing server with the potential to give you the Tekkit experience you always wanted. I started on this server a while ago; I was greeted by the warm, active, and talkative community from the moment I first typed something in chat. Whenever I asked for help, I was given it. Whenever I asked for assistance with materials in a guild, I was given it - in a borrowing sense.

Which brings me to another point. Once, I had an issue with an End of Stream connection bug. I first diagnosed it on the discord server, tagging a staff member in a request for help. Immediately, a moderator came to my assistance, and did everything he could to help me. After the problem proved to be more than simply corrupt player data, he contacted his superiors, of whom communicated amongst themselves, as well as the regular players - myself included. We came to the reasoning of the problem, thus they fixed it, and everyone re-connected. An astonishing staff team, without a doubt.

My regards for reading this review.

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Really solid server with friendly players.


Great voting system along with marketplace allowing players to trade items they've created or received through vote keys.


I would highly recommend the server to anybody looking for a tekkit server!

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(ign: MellyBoo)

Very fun server, lots of nice additions that other servers lack, such as public power for easy charging.

Lots of friendly people and informative staff.

Voting system is brilliant, with great rewards along with vote parties.

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Right, after 2 years of not playing this modpack, this was the ONLY server that DIDN'T lag, DIDN'T have bad staff, and DID have a really friendly community. I've been helped out in building, getting resources, and finding a location to build. People on this server enjoy to have a laugh and they don't just disregard their players - from what I have experienced - but besides all the good this server has, the best part really has to be the non-existent lag. Must say to have this checked out, really, give it a chance.

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