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Cant play on my tekkit server for longer than 3 minutes? D:


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Hi! Im new to Tekkit and technic so sorry if this post is in the wrong area of this fine forum,

I was just woundering why I cant run a Tekkit server? I mean I can run it without lag and people can join but after a few minutes my server crashes and I am left with this crash report:




any help? I really want to play this awesome mod pack with my buddys!




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I don't know anything about how to help you out, but do you get an error report?


If so please include it in your next post so those who do know how read them can help you out!


I am a complete idiot!  HybridPacman I owe you an apology.  You did include a crash report - I am tool. Sorry.  Wish you all the best in finding a solution to your issue.




(if an admin sees this post please delete!  Sorry)

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Do you have a local server? if you have, i whould recommend turning of your firewall and antivirus program.


This is mainly a common error that is caused, by some Antivirus programs. If deleting the file as Ashzification suggested does not work then try this. Add the tekkitmain folder to the 'exceptions list' in your Antivirus program. Find out where the exceptions list is in your AntivirusV and add the folder path that the mod pack is located in to it.


Hope it helps!


Edit: Make sure you are not using that particular file at all, forexample have it open in windows explorer will make the file uneditable, So the game crashes, when it cant edit a file,

which in this case are tekkitmainworldchickenchunksloginTimes.dat


If you are not familiar with hosting a minecraft server or minecraft in general, you can find the tekkitmain folder by holding the windows key + R, type in %appdata% .

Then go to .technic, then modpacks and then you see tekkitmain. Open tekkitmain and from there navigate to worldchickenchunksloginTimes.dat (this is for client not server)


For server its much simpler, open where you have your server files, open worldchickenchunksloginTimes.dat and delete it, or if that dosent work, disable the antivirus.


Alternatively, make a backup of your world (aka copy the world forlder) install tekkit server over again, replace the fresh generated world with your old world and it should work!

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