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Recipes missing, please help.

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When I open my inventory I noticed all of the items are not listed on the right side. After I clicked the 3 dots on the upper right of my inventory screen I saw something that said "Not working?" in the lower left corner of the screen, where the settings to swap between recipe/cheat mode are found. After clicking that I get this screen:




I'm playing single player so I have no server admin. I have opened it as a lan before but I don't have any extra plugins, only what comes in the modpack. Anyone know the solution for this? 

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That's for InventoryTweaks. What you're thinking of (the items on the right side of the inventory screen) is NEI.


To re-enable NEI, press O while your inventory is open.


The 3 dots in the upper right is a button for inventory tweaks, you are having a problem with NEI... they are seperate mods.

Thanks for the quick replies, and TYVM ValkonX11 for the fix. You saved my minecraft life lol

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