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How do you deal with cracked using your launcher?

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The only thing technic is legally allowed to do is remove packs on platform that actively support piracy.


The launcher is open source and the admins cannot dictate what other people do with their own project forks. And even with an unmodified launcher, any attempt to enforce copyright beyond the "grab a fresh copy with the user's credentials" it already does would open Kaker&Co. up to huge legal liabilities.

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we've actually implemented a little countermeasures for this recently.  as far as our official packs go, the mirrors hosting them will not work without a valid MC login token now.  when it comes to platform packs, there's really little that we can do for the reasons neowulf already stated.


so we do what we can, where we can but it's not a battle that will ever be won and we know this.

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