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Need help setting up a server


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These are the exact steps I use to setup my MCPC+ server..

I just did this again today to upgrade to 1.09b.

I do it like this because I like to keep my server folder as clean as possible.

Some of these steps could probably be merged, but I do it like this to help track down potential problems.


1. Make a Fresh folder and put the MCPC+ jar file inside of it. (Put nothing else in the folder, except for this one jar file, for now.)


2. Run the file using the command:

java -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m -XX:PermSize=256m -jar mcpc-plus-1.6.4-R2.1-forge965-B250.jar nogui

3. It will now download all required files and make all required folders.


4. Once it completes (after the "Preparing spawn area" messages, and after the message "done" is displayed)

    Type 'stop' to stop the server.


5. Now, delete the world folder (Do this even if you plan to create a new world for this server)


6. Download the server files for the modpack, and extract to a separate folder.


7. From the folder you extracted the modpack server files to,

    Copy the file 'server.properties' and the folders 'mods' and 'config',

    Paste these 3 files and folders into the MCPC server folder.

    (You could also just copy the mods folder and config folder from you own client,

      but make sure not to copy any client only mods (I dont think there are any in AotBT though)

      you will also need the server.properties file from the modpacks server files package)


8. If you have a world folder from a previous instance, copy that into the MCPC folder now,

    make sure the 'level-name' in the server.properties matches the name of the world folder.

    If you dont have a previous world, dont worry about it one will now be created when you start the server.


9. If you plan on using any bukkit plugins put them into the 'plugins' folder


10. Again start the server with:

java -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m -XX:PermSize=256m -jar mcpc-plus-1.6.4-R2.1-forge965-B250.jar nogui

11. Now the server should start, give it a minutes or so, its has a lot of mods to load.


Once messages stop being displayed test everything by trying to login.

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