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nah I did that too, liquifying ender pearls, gives it to you, but a couple hours in the end will make up for that.

the fact you have it is liquid already just saved you a few steps.

I have a steel tank with 12 mil millibuckets of the stuff

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steel tanks are from railcraft (an additional mod required) a miliibucket is 1000th of a bucket, so 12 million Millibuckets is 12,000 buckets, so you might say if holds a few more then 16, we added it to our server cause tekkit seriously lacks descent liquid storage


I forgot to mention that you can make them bigger then I have in which they will hold more, mine are limited so they fit in the room.





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Thermal Expansion's Portable Tanks provide decent liquid storage and their stackability makes them useful also in great numbers. I still vastly prefer Steel Tanks, but I won't go through all the hassle to manually add railcraft to my game. I still think it should be re-added to Tekkit, but that is just my opinion.

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