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AOTBT Server error


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I got 1.0.9c installed on my server, I removed all the old stuff before doing so. When I try to log on, it says that I'm missing a whole bunch of mods, but these are the mods that updated, and the seder doesn't even have them! Ex: "Witchery 0.14.0"

Any idea as to what's going on?

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You've probably left the old mod versions in the folder with the new ones, I wouldn't have expected it to actually start up, but just check to see if you have both the old and new witchery files in your mods folder on the server?

If they're not on the server then they shouldn't be checked at all, so I'd bet it's something on the server end that's keeping info from earlier.


If you're certain there's absolutely nothing, try a server on a completely new world to test it - if that works, copy in the world folder to the new server (and the qcraft dim folders).

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