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How to get worldedit?


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So I've noticed that on a few videos people have shown that they have worldedit in Attack of the b team 1.6.4. I was wondering how to be it for my server, cause I'm the owner and OP, and I've tried using a wooden axe and typing //wand but nothing happens. What am I missing?

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i tride every thaing

Doubt you did. Newer versions of Cauldron (formerly MCPC+) requires library install as well (use their installer) - then have fun with getting it all to work because this is as far as i go with MCPC+ support.

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Usually this kind of thing would go on the Tracker, but not in this case as it's not really to do with the B-Team at all.  If you've;

  1. Installed MCPC+/Cauldron (and requisite cauldron libraries)
  2. Put worldedit in the plugins directory

Then that's it.  That's all you should need to get it working with the B-Team.  If you're having trouble getting MCPC+ installed or having trouble getting MCPC+ to pickup worldedit then those both sound like problems you should be taking to the MCPC+ forums, not here.


Good luck :)

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