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Chest Sorting System - Help Please!


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I want a chest sorting system like the one Generik created in his playthrough. I'm unable to watch YouTube at the moment, but the only trouble I'm having is with the chest that puts items back into the system, so that I don't have to manually go to my chests everytime my inventory fills up.

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So my storage chests have Extractor Chips, Stock Keeper Chips, Broadcaster Chips and Responder Chips, and the dump chest has a Broadcaster and an Extractor Chip. Am I doing something wrong?

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A storage chest needs just a broadcaster chip and a responder chip. This will allow stock keepers and request pipes to pull items out of it, but also allow the chest to take items from extractor chips.

The dump chest just needs an extractor chip.


Make sure your extractor chip on the dump chest has been set to blacklist, with no items in the grid. make sure your responder chips are set the same.

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