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A lot of Serious suggestions


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-> Add more spells to the classes, make some learnable over special looted items and/or with Levels

- Mage -

-> Ice Bolt

Cost : Same as Fireball

Cooldown : 2 sec/ level

Damage : Fireball Damage - 20%

Effect : Fires a homing missle at the next enemy and knock him back a huge distance

Learn : Book of Icebolt (requires level 20)

-> Heal

Cost : 20 + 0.2*Int Mana

Cooldown : 1 minute

Damage : 40+1.0*Int Healing

Effect : Heals all allies (players) in range for X amount total. heal evenly spreads between all Targets affected

Learn : Level 50

-> Inferno

Cost : 200 + 2.0*Int

Cooldown : 1 Minute

Damage : 250 + 0.5* Int every second

Effect : Creates a wall of 5 + (1 per 2 levels above 50) Blocks lenght that damages enemys walking through it.

Learn : Level 50 + Book of Inferno (very rare)

- Ranger -

-> Toxic Tip

Cost : 3+0.1*dext Mana

Damage :Weapon Damage + 40+0.2*dext Damage per second for 3 (lv.20-30), 4 (lv.30-40), 5 (lv.40-50), 6.(lv.50-60), 7.(lv.60+) seconds

Effect : Fires an Homing Arrow to the closest enemy target which deals initial weapon damage and damage over time

Cooldown : 0.5/(0.05*level) seconds

Learn : Level 20 + Book of Toxic Tip

-> Recuperate

Cost : 50+0.5*dext mana

Damage : N/A

Effect : Enter a state of Introspection for 20(lv.50-60), 30(lv.60-70), 40(lv.70+) seconds in which you regenerate 5% Mana and Health each second.

Cooldown : 4 Minutes

Learn : level 50

-> Zeus Legacy

Cost : 200+0.5*dext mana

Damage : 400+1.0*dext

Effect : Calls down a Volley of Lightning arrows from the sky, inflicting massive damage to all victims in the target area

Cooldown : 2 Minutes

Learn : Level 50 + Book of Zeus Legacy (very rare)

- Warrior -

-> Rend

Cost : 10+0.2*Strenght Mana

Damage : Weapon Damage + 40+0.2*Strenght Damage per second for 3 (lv.20-30), 4 (lv.30-40), 5 (lv.40-50), 6.(lv.50-60), 7.(lv.60+) seconds

Effect : Your next three Meele Attacks apply bleed to the target additionally, dealing damage over time

Cooldown : 20 seconds / (0.05*level)

Learn : Level 20, Book of Rend

-> Last Stand

Cost : 100+0.5*Fortitude Mana

Damage : heals 10% of Life per procc

Effect : The Next 5 (Level 50-70) 10(lv.70+) times you take damage your healed for 10% of your maximum health

Cooldown : 5 minutes

Learn : Level 50

-> Cunning of the Weak

Cost : 100+0.5*strenght Mana

Damage : 400+1.5*strenght + 50+0.2*strenght per second over 10 seconds

Effect : Do a furious whirlwind attack severly damaging and inflicting bleeeding to all nearby enemys.

Cooldown : 2 minutes, 30 seconds

Learn : Level 50, book of Cunning (rare)

-> More Uniques

-> BackPacks or additional inventory slots as you level up

-> Regenerating Dungeons

-> "Hearthstone" Item you start with or spell for all classes

Whenever you hit an Brickstone with an Wooden pickaxe, this becomes your home

location. Your hearthstone spell will teleport you back there then.

Cooldown : 15 Minutes

Cost : All Mana

-> Dungeon bosses with spells

-> Increase Higher level mob density and difficultly (you shouldnt be able to rush a 95+ region as lv.60, for instance)

-> Level Requirement on Gear

-> Master Dungeons, containing only elite mobs and Hardcore bosses, significantly rarer then other dungeons, containing better loot

-> New Item : Ikarus Boots

On Equip : Increases your damage Taken by 200%

On Equip : You can fly like creative damaging the boots in progress

Thats about it, for now. If theres interest, ill add alot more suggestions


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Those aren't bad, I like some of the ideas :) Not sure about self-heal spells, though, I'd want each class to have them or not have them at all, if the reasoning makes sense.

An inferno spell is planned, I just gotta get around to makin' it (wouldn't take long).

I tried a Whirlwind spell, but it gave me a headache XD

This does make me think that Healers could be a subclass of the mage, rather than a class in their own right. Hmmmm...

Ideas are always appreciated, I'll look over these in more detail when I get around to adding spells again :)

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