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  1. Quick List of Features: Server IP: smp.windoom.com:25566 Main Plugins: Vault, McMMO, Lwc, Residence, Jobs, Votifier, LogBlock, DropClear, PEX Get Member Group: Ask Ingame, or reply here. Server Website: www.windoom.com Disabled Mods*: Equivalent Exchange, Computer Craft, Balkons Weapon Mod Machine Specs: 2x 6 Core Intel® Xeon® CPU X5650 @ 2.67GHz (12 cores, 24 with hyper threading) 6x 15K RPM (6Gbps) 300GB SAS Hard Drives (RAID 10 on DELL H700 RAID CARD) 48GB DDR3 1333 ECC RAM Gigabit Ethernet connection Rules: No Griefing. Only exception is minor grief in unres'ed places you replace after. Stealing from unlocked chests/machines IS allowed. We took the mile to add all of them to LWC for a reason. No verbal abuse. This covers but is not limited to swearing, spam, harassment, and racism. No Bug exploiting. Bugs are to be reported so we can get rid of them. Use our website. First to report a bug will be rewarded accordingly. Be Kind. Players want to have fun and so do you. Keep that in mind. Admins and Moderators have the final say. No Staff impersonating, no Planet Minecraft impersonating or such things. This will be held with an perma ban. No usage of banned items. You should not be able to, but if it bugs and your caught with it, its your fault. No asking for Op, Items, Teleport, Privileges or VIP. Self explanatory No offensive skins or structures. No wild 1x1 towers. They must be torn down after usage. Banned Items: Mining Laser Black Hole Chest Industrial Credit (see special features for more info) Chunkloaders Quantum Chest, Legs Restricted Items: Scrap (generation off cobble stone, snow, sand, gravel, dirt and marble disabled) Geothermal Generators (not useable in the nether) These are freely craftable but only usable in the Mining World: TNT ITNT Dynamite IDynamite Nuke Quarry Terraformer Miner Special Features: Mining World: A world only designed for mining, is the only place where you can use your quarrys, miners, and more destructive mining methods. It will be reset every so and so - it has not been decided yet what will be the exact time frame. However, it will surely be announced at least a week before before it takes place. Custom Economy: As of the Beta, we have no Market available. However, there is one to come. For this Purpose we made Industrial Credits uncraftable but obtainable at spawn, to be sold or bought for 250 Gold. Residence self service protection: You can protect your own lawn for a little fee, per block. You are also able to set a teleport point in your residences, set flow and mob flags and more. Check out the website for a detailed guide. McMMO: RPG your game, even in Tekkit. Unfortunately, the custom ores and tools are not yet picked up, but heh, we are still in beta as of now. Jobs: Get paid for your hard work. You can join two jobs at once. Same as for McMMO. Balanced Economy: Tweaks and disables on the mods to make the game more competitive and better balanced. Chunk Loaders: Maximum two per Player and they cost 100.000 Gold. Must be placed by an Admin. Moving it does cost 25.000. VIP system: Support our server. VIP from main server awards on Tekkit aswell and vice verse. Nothing game breaking, but some fancy stuff indeed. Perks on Tekkit are temporary and subject for change after beta. Check website for more info's. Complete list of all plugins: Lwc, PEX, World Edit, OreLogger, MultiVerse, CreeperProtect3, Dynmap, Remote Toolkit, Votifier, Mcmmo, Vault, Jobs, NoCheatPlus, Bottled Exp, Iconomy, World Edit, Shroomicow, ColorMe, WinDooMDropclear, BlockHat, MultiVerse, WorldBorder, Chat Manager, Essentials, Residence, LogBlock, PorteCoulissante, UltraBanLite, SimpleHome. Screenshots from our spawn and world (notice that there is very little built, and the map is fresh for you to populate .
  2. I find ee is a weird piece of crapmod that doesnt belong either into minecraft or tekkit in any way, go play creative if you dont want to collect ressources.
  3. In germany the religion thing is easily handled : You can believe what you like and where you like, but just don't brag about it big time. I kinda support this idea, since, face it, the morality and human rights as is is partially extracted from the bible or similar books. I would not want to live in a world without any morality laid down for people. Also, @ Topic : German Television: Brainwash^25
  4. well its not exactly begging since he helps people carry their goodys to their cars for free, and then sometimes they give him moneys or food.
  5. I know this guy who sits around the corner in the local groceries store. Hes essentially a beggar, but he sits in that stores corner and helps people after the cashier to carry their goodies to the car for food and small donations. He gets alot of small donations, because he hangs out there all day, but he doesnt demand any. Some people dont give him money, like me sometimes, when I buy there, he gets a bunch of my bought stuff to feed for the day or two :)
  6. 25 and below. Way more common then normal diamonds. You can easily farm them.
  7. Starter : - Stone Pickaxe - Stone Shovel - Stone Axe - Stone Sword - Stone Hoe - 32 bread - 32 Torches - 64 Logs
  8. Im running Java 7 and the Machines turning around bug is still there.
  9. I think EE has to go. Backpacks can be done by the actual Backpacks Mod, and Iron Chests is already there. Asides from that, its just a Simplifying idiot supporting pile of crap. /oppinionated.
  10. True dat, notch is, and has always been, just a shitty java guy. I mean, cmon, look at the base code of Minecraft <_<
  11. Try out evertide amulet as you clearly use EE. Evertide makes water possible in nether sincerly,
  12. Re: Could this remove the need for a Technic pack? This ... and I wouldnt rely on the new Mc modding api ... im pessimistic about it.
  13. Re: Is there a version of the technic launcher that..... That sounds like it did hurt a fucking lot ... though you should try the most hottest chilli in world. It literally burns through your mouth. sincerly,
  14. This plugin calls into the server and does frequent response checks. During that, its running a external script on your hosting machine. If the call times out a few times. It forces a shutdown and restart. And please. Please more inventory room and or a hearthstone to teleport back to your home sincerly,
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