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Tracker Rules and Guidelines


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Tracker Rules and Guidelines


- Do some basic research before you post an issue. Read through the Tracker. We'll delete your report if it's obviously already been reported several times over.


- The moderators here have as much control in the tracker as they do in the forums.


- Don't post gibberish. We'll just delete your report.


- Provide necessary information. (see Necessary Information)  If you don't, we'll delete your report.


- Please attach necessary (text) files or use a paste site instead of copy/pasting an enormous log into the text box. 


- If you see an issue that is the same as yours, DO NOT POST, confirm the issue on the Issue Info Sidebar


- No PMing Admins or Mods with bug reports. - You will not get special private help.


Necessary Information (Example):


- Title: Cannot load any modpacks when first opening the launcher (Descriptive but short)


Type of Bug: Launcher Bug, In Game Bug, Solder Bug, Platform Bug, etc.

Launcher Bug - Issues before you start Minecraft

Solder Bug - Issues while trying to update/download modpacks

In Game Bug - Issues while playing Minecraft (crashes)

Platform Bug - Issues with technicpack.net

Video / Screenshot of the incident: (optional)

- Imgur http://imgur.com

- Puush http://puush.me/

Reproduction rate: 2/10 (happened 2 out of 10 times)

Steps to reproduce:

Launched Technic Launcher

Observe the result

Expected result: Modpack images/logos should appear

Observed result: Nothing displays in the modpack carousel

Insert logs (Technic Launcher logs, Minecraft logs/crash reports)

- Ubuntu - paste.ubuntu.com

- Pastebin - pastebin.com

Fill out the Issue details in the sidebar to the best of your ability (Severity, Version, Java Version, OS)


PLEASE BE HONEST WHEN SELECTING SEVERITY LEVELS. (We reserve the right to adjust severity levels at will)


All Board Rules and Guidelines still apply ===> Board Rules and Guidelines




Tutorials coming soon


- How to find your Java Version

- How to find your OS arch (64-bit/32-bit)

- How to obtain Technic Launcher logs

- How to obtain Minecraft logs/crash reports

- How to read/understand logs/crash reports


Bug Report Template:


- Title: B-Team does not load after clicking Play in the launcher


Type of Bug: In-Game Bug

Video / Screenshot of the incident: (optional)

Reproduction rate: 5/10

Steps to reproduce:

Opened Technic Launcher

Selected Attack of the B-Team

Clicked Play

Launcher disappeared

Mojang screen comes up

Mojang screen disappears

Launcher reappeared

Expected result: B-Team should completely load

Observed result: Minecraft closes/crashes and the launcher reappears

- Logs: Launcher Log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7115878/

               Minecraft Crash Report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7115883/

- Additional Comments:

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