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Rei's Minimap change visibility of players and mobs/set motd


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If you tap 'm' on your keyboard it will offer you a menu which does have the option to change mob visibility in there someplace. I don't never if you can turn it off completely that way (since I haven't tried and don't want too), but if you want to turn it off you might look at that to see if that's in the options. Good luck to you

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Could always ask your server admin to turn it off for you then. Possibly see if other players feel similiarly, might pan out.


Also though since the menu also allows you to manage your waypoints I'm sure it's probably not disable on servers (though again I've not tried it on a server myself so I could be wrong). Mayn't be a bad idea to tap it next time you log just to see, worse that happens is I'm completely wrong and your back to square one and it only takes less than a second to find out.


Good luck in any case.

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